Project Stories 

We have the privilege of working on and hearing the stories of some of the coolest & most beautiful upholstery projects. These projects will often only be seen by the customer and the staff here at Perfect Stitch, so we have decided to share some of these stories with you here!


The owner of this 1936 Dodge truck was very much the driving force of the creativity and design that went into the reupholstery of this project. He wanted a customized interior that really screams at you once you take a peek inside, so we made it our goal to make his dreams become reality. 


This process started out with a lot of "Can you do this? Can you do that? What about this?". We worked alongside this customer to create many different samples of all sorts of material combinations, upholstery pleats, and styles until we finally came up with the perfect design. 


In the end, we reupholstered the bench seat and added new foam for comfort, created new back & kick panels, installed a new headliner, carpet, mats, and new door panels with map pockets. It is always such a memorable experience for us when we get the opportunity to work so closely with our customers to create a product that they can love and be proud to say that it has been designed and customized one-hundred percent for them.

Here is a closer look of the fabrics used:




Custom Seats, Auto Upholstery, Custom Stitching, Volkswagen Bug.jpg

This customer came to us with so much enthusiasm and excitement for us to work with him to create these beautiful sunbeam patterned automotive bucket seats. 


The inspiration behind these 1969 Volkswagen Bug seats comes from the customers personal connection to the state of Arizona. Here you can view the Arizona State flag, which was what our upholstery tech used as a reference when creating the patterns for this project.


The neutral colors and unique pattern creates a stunning piece of automotive upholstery. The customer loved these seats almost as much as we loved seeing his reaction. 

Here is a closer look of the fabrics used:

PIX-643 Brown Vinyl, Marine Vinyl, Materials Wholesale, Upholstery Fabric.jpeg

PIX-643 Chocolate

PIX-606 Cream Vinyl, Marine Vinyl, Wholesale Fabric, Upholstery materials.jpeg

PIX-606 Seashell

PIX-656 Upholstery Fabric, Wholesale Materials, Marine Vinyl, Brown Vinyl.jpeg

PIX-656 EZ Go Tan

Mustang Interior, Custom Upholstery, Automotive Upholstery.jpg

We spent a lot of time with this customers project. We started this full Mustang interior back in August, and we were finally able to finish it up this December! 


This was a big project at hand for our upholstery technician Monty, but he is the man to get the job done right. This classic had been brought in to us with a brand new paint job and a stripped interior ready for us to transform it into the perfect gift for this customers daughter.


Throughout the entirety of this transformation process, the customer was very hands on with the design of the interior, always bringing in some new pieces to install and checking in to see how things were going, leaving with a smile on their face after every visit. 


We used our in-stock Soho Ginger Vinyl Fabric to reupholster the bucket & bench seats, side & door panels, and the dash! To finish it all off, we installed a new headliner, carpet, and trunk liner.

Mustang Interior, Custom Upholstery, Automotive Upholstery, Classic Car.jpg
Automotive Upholstery, Custom Headliner, Mustang Coupe.jpg